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I am happy to get on the phone or a video call with you to assist you with your in-home skincare needs.

Focussing on a “Slow-Ageing” approach enhancing and maintaining skin health, being the largest organ in our body.


Customised treatments designed to cater for your specific needs with personalised home care to enhance results.

There is no “one size fits all” approach.

Products and various treatment modalities are selected for what is required at the time of facial service.

Science based products, including medicinal strength herbs, from award winning formulators - Environ, Dermatonics, DNA Renewal and Organic Spa.

Programmes for treatment and home care to enhance results and save you time, are all suited to the requirements and lifestyle of the individual.

Only quality products containing active natural ingredients, combined with high tech equipment, are used in all facial treatments targeting sensitive conditions, deep cleaning and age management.

A consultation which includes a diagnostic facial service is $65 for one hour.  During this, the benefits to you regarding the various combination therapies, shall be explained.  For example:  combining pulsed lymphatic drainage, healing laser therapy and dermaplaning with an enzyme peel may suit a dull clogged skin.  This puts new meaning into results from deep cleansing.


An intense rejuvenating 1.5 hour facial is priced from $129. Shorter, but still thorough, facials start at $90.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

This is the only method of hair removal that is legally allowed to be classed as PERMANENT.

Laser methods are classed as permanent reduction.

Individual hairs are treated by inserting a probe into the hair follicle, which is then ablated via a selection of heat and / or chemical energy.

When two energy methods are simultaneously used, this is referred to as the blend method. Advanced machines allow for current selections of galvanic, RF thermolysis and a blend of both.  An experienced electrologist, with advanced equipment, can finitely adjust the balance of blend and select the probe best suited to the individual hair width to maintain your comfort and maximise hair destruction potential.

Any colour hair, hair thickness and body area can be treated. The exception is mucous membrane areas. Medical electrolysis treatments are not a once only session. Hair will grow back lighter, weaker and slower to the point of not at all.

Experienced in electrolysis since 1984, my aim is to destroy the hair follicle lining and hair root sheath, rendering it very difficult to regrow. Once the complete hair follicle structure has been fully ablated, hair will not grow back.

Hormones, genetics and medications all influence hair growth. A consultation will address your concerns during which an accurate assessment can be made regarding treatment frequency.


A ten minute session starts from $33.   There is a nominal charge from $15 for people with just a few hairs that do not require a full ten minute session.

Are you ready to give your skin the care it deserves?


A highly effective technique that efficiently addresses a problem common to many peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women.

The issue of fine downy peach fuzz hair, often quite noticeable on the face, especially in direct sunlight.

This technique removes the peach fuzz hair whilst deeply exfoliating the skin.

An ultra smooth surface is created allowing better penetration of product and smoother application of makeup. Great for blackhead removal as well, since the technique removes surface build up of excess keratinised cells. The technique delivers two treatments in one, proving very popular. Recommended at 6 weekly intervals.

This painless process is administered using a specially designed rounded medical scalpel at a particular angle to the skin. The number of passes in an area determines the depth of exfoliation. This allows for personalisation of the technique to suit individual skin conditions.

Greatly benefiting dry, flaking skin conditions to oily comedogenic and anything in between.

Proving a very popular “2 for 1” treatment for the time poor. Emerge from the clinic with a smooth, refreshed, hair free face.

This can be incorporated into an amazing rejuvenation facial with additional peels, micro-current lifting and RF skin tightening for example.

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Dermaplaning with therapeutic mask from $120.  Incorporated into a Rejuvenation treatment with combination therapy from $165


Skin Needling - (C.I.T.)

Collagen Induction Therapy procedure is a proven method that rebuilds, rejuvenates and restores epidermal thickness.

First introduced into main stream beauty clinics, nearly 20 years ago, I have been doing these treatments for over 17 years.

This procedure tightens pore size, improves skin tone, creates clarity, refines texture and softens lines, reduces stretch marks and ice pick scars.

A course of treatments will reduce depth of wrinkles and expression lines. Skin can respond well with a reduction in redness in cases of Rosacea and Pigmentation. These conditions can be reduced greatly resulting in greater skin clarity from a course of treatments. This service must adhere to hygienic clinical conditions as the target is to create a wound healing process in the skin. Performed with a pen style digitally controlled depth machine, avoiding bruising, that can occur with roller mechanisms.

Precision controlled skin penetration from .01mm to 2mm, depending on variable skin factors. Skin Needling improves a wide variety of conditions by stimulating the epidermal & dermal fibroblast structures and “kick starting” the body’s naturally occurring wound healing response. The growth of new collagen being one of these properties. In this professional treatment, the high speed calibrated needle cluster glides over the skin. Serums specific to your skin’s needs penetrate into the microscopic micro channels that the procedure has created.

It is normal for the skin to feel warm and be red post treatment which rectifies within 48 hours post treatment. Healing laser light therapy is applied to reduce redness and promote collagen response.

Depending on catalyst used, the skin can lightly flake by approximately day 4, revealing a fresh complexion. This flaking is similar to that of a light peel.

The number and frequency of treatments are customised according to the individual’s needs. Results can be further enhanced by including other modalities within the treatment. Book your consultation today to discuss your needs.


Full face from $259 per treatment.  A fantastic way to address thinning, sun damaged skin on the decolletage.


Waxing service is available to both men and women.

Both male and female eyebrows need to be kept defined, in line with current trends.

The male brow, particularly in maturing men, quite often grows into a mono with extremely thick protruding hairs. Subtle results can be achieved by thinning out bushy long brow hairs, tidying the entire brow area, yet still looking natural.

Male brow service from $25. Female $20 full reshape $26.

Did you know that the type of hair and area of hair removal, determines the style of wax used by an experienced professional waxer? Not all waxes are the same.

Whilst they all feel warm on the skin, there is strip wax, removed via a fabric strip that adheres to the wax. The other method is hot wax, which relaxes the tiny arrector pili muscle attached to the hair follicle, allowing efficient removal of strong hairs in sensitive areas. For example eyebrow, face, full Brazillian, bikini area etc.

Selecting the correct style of wax method for the area is essential. When the hair is fully removed from the follicle, the whole hair structure, including root sheath lining, is removed. This results in a decline in hair thickness and rate of regrowth. Wrong choice of wax, combined with poor technique, can result in snapped off hairs and development of ingrown hairs. Snapped off hairs can appear as a quick regrowth when it is really the same result as shaving.

Waxing service is provided for all body areas. However, my specialty is Brazillians or XXX (females only). This delicate area has strong terminal hair growth, a good blood supply and can be prone to developing ingrown hairs if proper aftercare is not followed.

Quality waxes used with the correct professional technique can result in a strong terminal hair weakening into soft fine vellus hair. Discomfort is minimal. To achieve this result it is important to wax regularly, as a hair cycle is best treated in the younger stage. This gives longevity between hair regrowth intervals. Two millimetres or more is ideal.

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Phone now to make your appointment. Back wax including shaping and antibacterial hair retardant is $65.

Men Care

A spacious, comfortable and private treatment room for your grooming requirements.

Hair removal that is gentle on skin but tough on hair.

A natural look following your body’s hair growth patterns. Whether it be electrolysis on the monobrow, torso waxing, beard shaping or a pore refining and deep cleanse face treatment. There are many variables in male facial services available.

Male skin ages differently. Thus emphasis in treatment should focus on these physiological parameters. Male skin tends to have larger pore size and more sebum levels. Their skin is thicker with a tendency to less hydration. Skin pH levels can be less acidic. Men tend to have less wrinkles than women but these can be deeper. Sagging in the lower eyelid area is more obvious. These are just some of the differences.

Part of these differences can be attributed to inhereted attitude towards care. Skin maintenance not being regarded as important until experiencing cystic acne, acne scarring or first skin cancer is removed.
Home care products do not need to be necessarily separate from female. This can be more marketing related.

Male facial services are programmed with these physical and biological differences catered for in treatment protocols. It is quite often the female in a man’s life who selects products for him. This a response to marketing rather than correct information.

Pricing varies on the area covered, as in whether a beard is present or not. Most important is selecting what to use - when to use it - how to use it. Understanding why it is important to maintain skin health.


Consultation with diagnostic facial service $65 Skin treatments from $90

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