Hand washing

The current COVID-19 pandemic has us all following protocol and washing our hands more regularly than usual.

Medical experts state that soap and water is better than hand sanitizer. Either way, what does one do to restore the ph balance of the acid mantle of the skin on our hands?

The skin on our hands is exposed to harsh chemicals and subjected frequent environmental damage. This exposure can lead to splitting of nails, peeling of skin around the cuticles and between the fingers. Applying a barrier cream regularly can help.

However, given the frequency of cleansing for current health and safety requirements, this can feel like pushing a rock up a hill results wise.

Step 1

Here is a simple tip to combat this scenario and improve hand health.

  1. Select an oil, whether it be olive, rice bran, wheatgerm, baby oil or coconut to name a few. Whatever is in your pantry or bathroom.
  2. Get some plastic food wrap from the pantry and either a wheat heat pack or a hand towel.
  3. Most kitchens have a microwave. If not try a hot water bottle.
  4. If no wheat heat pack, then moisten a hand towel and warm this up in the micro wave.
  5. On clean hands massage in well your chosen oil, making sure any cracked skin or cuticle areas are thoroughly treated.
  6. Obviously if solo, you will treat one hand at a time. Encase plastic cling wrap fully over whole hand to wrist.
  1. Encase wrapped hand inside of heated wheat pack or heated towel. Sit and relax for at least 10 minutes. If cooling too fast a second dry towel can be used over the damp
  2. 20 mins is a better time. Simply uncover, blot excess oil off and leave. This can be done before bed or whilst watching tv etc.

A simple home care exercise that can be done on anyone. If you have painful joints in your fingers, applying a suitable analgesic ointment to the joints prior to applying oil is a bonus.

Completed rest and wait