Having an interest in the medicinal role of herbs led to me finding myself in the Peruvian jungle in 2012, watching a Quechua healing herbal smoking ceremony. Not the type of smoking associated with pipes. Feathers wafted through the air and herbs painted on skin form of ceremony. The herbs used did clear the sinuses and headaches of the few in attendance, myself included.

In 2014 while attending an A5M Integrative Medicine Conference, the benefits of certain Amazonian herbs were discussed. A burn cream had been newly formulated containing the very herbs that I experienced at the demonstration in Peru.

Fast forward to 2016 and I discovered the Dermatonics range which uses both Australian and internationally sourced medicinal strength herbal nutrients. One of which I first encountered in the Amazon.
In 2017 I attended an herbal workshop in Bali where I trialled a very strong form of Turmeric. The compounds of this form of Turmeric are scientifically proven for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity both orally and topically.

Needless to say, when later attending a conference with Dr. Marcal of Dermatonics in 2019, I discovered that this is the active form, plus sourced within the global region, of the product I trialled over several months.
Moral of the story, trust my instincts when combining travel & research.