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Medical Experts State that Soap and Water is Better than Hand Sanitizer.

Hand washing

The current COVID-19 pandemic has us all following protocol and washing our hands more regularly than usual. Medical experts state that soap and water is better than hand sanitizer. Either way, what does one do to restore the ph balance of the acid mantle of the skin on our hands? The skin on our hands…

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How I came to choose Dermatonics Product for my Clients.

Having an interest in the medicinal role of herbs led to me finding myself in the Peruvian jungle in 2012, watching a Quechua healing herbal smoking ceremony. Not the type of smoking associated with pipes. Feathers wafted through the air and herbs painted on skin form of ceremony. The herbs used did clear the sinuses…

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Professional Beauty Magazine Story

It was a privilege to be invited to join with these industry professionals and contribute to the discussion. Industry Roundtable 10: Australian Made Beauty Australian Made Beauty was the topic of the tenth Professional Beauty Industry Roundtable, where suppliers and salon professionals got together to talk discuss Australian beauty products, consumer perceptions, celebrity impact on…

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